Graziadei.Law's governance and external general counsel practice provides knowledgeable legal advice regarding day-to-day business operations, whether in a traditional or emerging economy. We're able to offer access to our range of expertise and experience as a full-service legal team at your convenience. In doing so, we ensure that your corporate needs are met and exceeded within your industry. We get to know your corporate strategy, positioning, and operations as if we were your own in-house legal department sitting down the hall from you: an extremely valuable asset in these fast-paced times.

Outside Counsel Services:

  • Company formation
  • Corporate governance
  • Technology licensing and protection
  • Distribution models, including licensing, OEM and VAR arrangements
  • Research and development agreements
  • Manufacturing and supply agreements
  • Joint ventures and strategic transactions and relationships
  • Executive compensation, including stock options, restricted stock and other equity compensation
  • Human Resources and employment matters, including hiring, retention and termination
  • Ordinary course contracting
  • Venture capital and private equity financings
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Day-to-Day Corporate Counsel

In addition to specific areas of representation, one of the most important functions we provide clients is serving as their "external" General Counsel. We strive to become our clients' legal partner and trusted advisor. Similar to the in-house legal counsel of large corporations, we become familiar with the business methods and objectives of our clients. Accordingly, when our clients make business decisions, they often seek our legal counsel to proactively consider possible ramifications.

Our attorneys also assist clients with regulatory and governmental matters, ranging from obtaining appropriate licenses for their businesses to resolving disputes with government entities.

Drafting and Negotiating Contacts

A good contract goes unnoticed. A bad contract, or no contract at all, may lead to disagreements with customers or vendors, lost business or litigation to resolve disputes. Graziadei & Associates carefully drafts and negotiates business contracts for our clients.

Whether a new business or one that has been in existence for years, the contracts that you have with your clients and vendors can help determine the success of your business. A good contract may often go unnoticed. A bad contract or no contract will often lead to disagreements with customers/vendors, lost business, and potential litigation to resolve disputes. Accordingly, for all businesses it is vitally important to have carefully drafted contracts that are customized for your business purposes and we have the experience and creativity to draft and negotiate contracts of all types for our clients.

Comprehensive Business Law Solutions

Graziadei.Law provides comprehensive corporate counsel to businesses from formation of the business through growing, expanding nationally and internationally, and selling the business. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing businesses and will consistently strive to work as an asset to your business. Our experienced lawyers provide comprehensive legal advice for the life cycle of a business. This includes corporate formation and organization, representation related to corporate transactions, contract drafting and negotiation, labor and employment agreements, and state and federal civil litigation and appeals.

We answer any legal question you may have in the course of your business. And we raise the business law questions you need to know. We provide business law guidance:

  • Drafting operating agreements or buy-sell agreements
  • Drafting corporate bylaws, shareholder agreements, corporate resolutions and minutes
  • Representation to the Board of Directors

Advisory Services for Crisis and Risk Management

Whether you need help understanding a new business practice, or are seeking legal advice concerning a current legal issue, Graziadei.Law is able to provide you with a legal plan and the peace of mind to take action in a practical, reasonable manner.

We handle a wide variety of issues for clients on a daily basis, and use the experience gleaned from this work to provide you with legal advice you can depend on. We are able to counsel you through:

  • Internal investigations
  • Due diligence review
  • Policy development
  • Employment/labor disputes
  • Regulatory issues
  • Litigation counseling