Graziadei.Law handles all legal matters related to the entertainment industry from the creation and acquisition of literary material and its development through financing, production, brand integration and distribution, including the exploitation of re-purposed content and other transmedia opportunities. Examples of our work include:

  • Entertainment finance through co-productions, joint ventures and private investment
  • Motion picture production (i.e., live-action, animation, CGI, 2D and 3D) and distribution for all existing and new applications and distribution platforms (i.e., theatrical, television, Internet, wireless, telephony, etc.)
  • Intellectual property protection, registration, licensing, and sales
  • Revenue creation through Internet and new media applications and distribution platforms, and other transmedia opportunities
  • International motion picture co-productions/tax credits/rebates
  • Government production subsidies and tax breaks in North America, Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim and other foreign countries active in motion picture production
  • Protecting rights to intellectual property and content in original and new media applications, including repurposed content and transmedia projects
  • Representing and advising creative and technical talent: actors, directors, writers, producers, composers, graphic artists, designers and Web professionals
  • Business transactions in the sports industry, from player contract negotiations to product endorsements, publishing deals and new media opportunities.

Our clients include motion picture studios, producers, directors, actors, writers, models, software designers/developers, talent agents and managers, and any company involved with the production, financing or distribution of motion pictures through all existing and new applications and distribution platforms

Motion Picture Production Financing Law

At Graziadei.Law, we advise and counsel entertainment lenders, borrowers and public and private investors worldwide as well as other providers and users of capital in the entertainment industry. The advice and counsel our entertainment attorneys provide includes structuring, negotiating and documenting loan agreements for one-off projects, complex credit lines involving more than one project and motion picture slate financings involving multiple projects. Our entertainment lawyers also structure, negotiate and document negative pick-up and "gap" financing agreements, as well as more complex multi-distributor "split rights" financings and international co-financings. Our entertainment attorneys also structure, negotiate and document complicated joint ventures, private placements and equity fund financings for entertainment product.

International Co-Finance and Co-Productions

Our entertainment attorneys specialize in advising non-U.S. individuals and entities on how to structure successful business relationships with individuals and entities in the U.S. entertainment industry, as well as assist U.S. individuals and entities with the business and cultural challenges that exist in the international entertainment industry marketplace. Our entertainment lawyers advise and counsel our clients in structuring and negotiating international co-finance/co-productions for all creative product, content and distribution channels and product platforms, including multi-territory split rights and rights acquisition transactions worldwide.

International Finance and Production Consulting Network

Through our global network of entertainment industry attorneys, business contacts and consultants our entertainment lawyers provide our clients with advice, counsel and a unique perspective on the various private, public and institutional entertainment product funding sources worldwide as well as economically advantageous production and post-production locations throughout the globe.

Our network of entertainment industry attorneys, contacts and consultants also provides lobbying and consulting services for access to foreign (non-U.S.) governmental and quasi-governmental agencies and entities in connection with seeking out production incentive packages, tax credits and other available funding subsidies for our clients' projects.

On behalf of both our non-U.S. clients and our U.S. clients our entertainment attorneys structure, negotiate and document production incentive packages, tax credits and other production funding subsidy agreements with U.S. state and foreign government agencies depending upon the location and other unique requirements of our producer clients.

With years of experience in representing our U.S. and international clients, our entertainment lawyers provide a valuable bridge between diverse cultures and entertainment industry business interests worldwide.

Legal Advice for International Producers, Investors, and Talent

At Graziadei.Law our clients benefit from an attorney's advice across the spectrum of legal and practical considerations that arise when motion picture and new media productions cross international boundaries. For dependable counsel on issues ranging from deal structuring, financing and government subsidies to licensing and content rights, contact our office to discuss your foreign motion picture or new media project with an attorney experienced in entertainment and new media law.

works with producers, investors, entertainment media companies, motion picture studios, talent and independent contractors based in Southern California, elsewhere around the United States or in foreign countries who need advice about international co-productions. We advise and represent foreign clients interested in American, Canadian or other international locations as well as American clients interested in "runaway productions" in Europe, Canada, India or such Pacific Rim countries as China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore or the Philippines.

Our advice covers the full range of legal, financial and logistical needs for producers, investors, entertainment media companies, motion picture studios, talent (both in front of and behind the camera), recording artists, animators, advertisers, ad agencies, corporate sponsors, computer graphics technicians and website and game designers and developers. On most projects, these considerations will include:

  • Deal structuring, contract negotiation and documentation
  • Project financing through co-productions or private investment
  • Government subsidies, tax credits and "soft money"
  • Location support
  • Licensing, sales and distribution
  • Cross-marketing and transmedia opportunities
  • Brand integration and product placement opportunities
  • Documentation of agreements with talent, location support services, technical contractors and post-production services

Graziadei.Law offers a distinctive blend of experience at the point of intersection of international business, intellectual property rights, motion pictures, television, the Internet and new media productions to benefit clients with complex legal and practical needs worldwide.

Legal and Business Advice for Motion Picture, Film, TV, and New Media Producers

Experienced producers in media of all types understand that the strategic use of government production subsidies, wherever and whenever available, can help reduce costs and protect margins. To inquire about how your company may take advantage of government-sponsored subsidies, tax breaks and other "soft money" production incentives to help lower the break-even point on your media project, contact us.

We work with producers, lenders and equity participants to show how production subsidies and tax credits may help protect lenders and investors by reducing production costs in both domestic and international projects. We monitor the eligibility criteria and related conditions for clients who want to take advantage of government-sponsored subsidies and tax breaks all over the world. Clients of all sizes and levels of sophistication can take advantage of our experience with government subsidies and tax incentives for motion picture, film, TV, Internet, new media and transmedia production.

Graziadei.Law Understands the Specifics of Different Government Subsidy Programs

The specifics of particular government programs vary from place to place and change over time. In the United States, many states have established different types of subsidy programs and tax credits with varying degrees of success or failure. Canada has long subsidized motion picture and TV production both as encouragement for Canadian producers and talent, and as economic stimulus for local communities. If your North American motion picture, Internet or advertising project could benefit from subsidies or tax breaks, our lawyers can advise you about your options and the details of obtaining access to these benefits.

To get the most benefit out of a local or national government production subsidy, you'll need to understand the conditions and objectives that justify as well as trigger the government incentives. In many cases, the primary motivator is employment in the community where the production or post production is to take place. In other situations, the engagement and promotion of local or national talent will be an important factor. Oftentimes both the local "spend" of production budget monies and the employment of the location country's producers, filmmakers, actors or citizens will maximize the benefits available to the project.

G&A's advice on your options and the logistics of accessing government production subsidies, rebates, tax credits and related "soft money" opportunities can help you realize the advantages of government production incentive programs wherever they exist around the world.

Protecting Rights to Content in Traditional and New Media

As the Internet and handheld wireless devices have matured into primary platforms for the distribution, re-purposing and commercial exploitation of entertainment and media content of all kinds, creators, performers, owners and producers of both new and existing material can find their rights and financial interests jeopardized whenever a new way to use old content is discovered.

The challenge in today's digital media world is to find the best ways to protect and enforce copyrights, image and voice rights across a wide range of marketing and distribution platforms that didn't exist when an artist's work was originally created. We help clients protect their content rights in motion pictures, film, video, animation, CGI, music, literary property and written material of all kinds when the opportunity arises to repurpose the material in new media:

  • Internet applications, handheld wireless devices and cell phones (e.g., Apple iPhone/iPad applications, ringtones, etc.)
  • Video games and broadband interactive gaming
  • CGI graphics, and animated or live-action HD or 3D productions
  • Internet, new media and transmedia marketing and advertising
  • Electronic publishing and the development of digital libraries and catalogues

Our clients include content owners, writers, actors, directors, composers, recording artists, graphic artists, developers and designers who recognize the need to protect their creative work through copyright and contract in emerging new media. We also advise content owners and creative artists whose work was created when today's distribution platforms couldn't have been imagined. Content licensors, licensees and transferees can also benefit from our experience on matters ranging from registration to IP portfolio management.

Legal Advice to Help You Realize the Most From Your Talent

At Graziadei.Law our goal is to help performers, creative talent and professionals in all fields protect their interests in the business and financial aspects of their creative endeavors. For an attorney's advice about doing business in Hollywood and other entertainment centers in Southern California, North America and around the world, contact our office today.

Our unique combination of experience in entertainment law, intellectual property rights, digital/wireless applications and distribution platforms, high tech licensing and advertising provides the ideal foundation for structuring, negotiating, documenting and protecting rights of performers, creative talent and professionals under their new project employment contracts, as well as identifying potential additional revenue streams that can be realized from existing and repurposed content in newly created applications and distribution platforms.

One important dynamic seen in recent years is the exponential growth of the commercial exploitation of existing creative content in new media applications and distribution platforms. Whether you're an actor, director, writer, composer, animator, graphic designer or game developer, we can advise you on ways to maximize and protect the value of your creative endeavors through anticipated new technology-based applications and distribution platforms that may afford you additional revenue steams in the future.

Motion Picture Licensing and Distribution

Graziadei.Law assists producers, directors, filmmakers, entertainment media companies and other parties in legal matters relating to the licensing and distribution of motion pictures.

Assistance in Creating and Negotiating Motion Picture License and Distribution Agreements

Graziadei.Law assists clients with the structuring and negotiation of the following:

  • The basic license terms
  • Separate licenses for specific geographical areas and territories, worldwide
  • The length of a license term
  • The license fees and payment terms
  • Alternative and customized licensing structures and payments

There are many additional details that are negotiated in a typical motion picture license or distribution agreement, ranging from specifying the authorized languages to establishing theatrical release requirements and non-theatrical media platform exploitation requirements. Other provisions can also be included. Our firm will make sure that all critical terms and conditions are specified in the licensing or distribution agreement.

As as full-service law firm with expertise in entertainment law and intellectual property, Graziadei.Law can assist clients in a full range of related legal matters. We can discuss ways in which producers, directors, production companies and others in the film industry can protect their creative works.